четвъртък, 11 март 2010 г.

Tsuneo Imahori "Divine Decision"

Cold dark night in the small town.

Near Her house.


You keep me silent.
All is silent, save for our footsteps and a dog, barking wildly from somewhere.
You tell it to shut up.
It does so.


The sound of feet hitting the ground.

She asked us to go get Him.
He'll help her. We know.
You can't.
And it seems that I can't either.


You ask yourself why she's stuck with us.
Why she can't be with Him.
Why it's only He, who can help her when she's down.
Who can help her pull herself together.
Make her smile.

I asked why you're doing this.
Why we were running.

"Because she needs Him."
That was your answer.
That was your only reason to fetch Him for her.
OUR only reason.

And we kept running.

сряда, 10 март 2010 г.

5'nizza "Новый День"



Walking through the park, the sun's rays find their way through the branches.
The light is a soft orangey-yellow.
The grass is a soft green.


We are going to see her this evening.
It's a new day today.


The sun's rays have finally made their way through our skin and spirit.

So warm.