събота, 1 септември 2012 г.

Godsmack "Releasing The Demons"

Change is amongst the most difficult of tasks.
Gathering all the bits and pieces of yourself, all the faces, all the masks...
Trying to throw away the bad parts and then clumping the rest into a huge Golem.
Meant to be stronger.
Meant to be smarter.
Meant to be better.

But do you know what's more difficult?
Reversing the change, when you figure out you haven't done it right.

I remember suffocating inside that stone chest.
I remember the voices of your former selves: screaming, shouting, cursing, weeping, howling, moaning...
Banging on the walls of that walking prison you built for them.

I remember... It took you weeks. WEEKS.
To realise, that this change is wrong. That you are slowly turning into stone.
Suffocating yourself.

And then...

Change back.
The most difficult of all changes.
Sitting down, staring at ourselves...
Painfully, slowly, tearing the Golem to pieces with your own bare hands...
Just because you found out, that the demons you tried to lock away...
Are the only thing which keeps you living.