петък, 6 август 2010 г.

Kylie Minogue "Confide in Me"

There's a land out there...

A land - entirely populated by mental images we have created.
Of people we've known.
Of people we've later met.
Of people we've yet to meet.
Of people we're not going to meet.
They live there their silent lives. Each individual serving only one purpose.
To allow us to speak.
To allow us to say the things we couldn't say,
                                                   we didn't say,
                                             we shouldn't say.

We're a professional you and I. A professional wastebin for emotional garbage.
We should know how it's done. How to procure the services of one such as us.
How to use their services best.
But we don't.

So we create those people. We talk to them, with them. We listen to what we have to say to ourself.

There's a land of mental images out there.
A land that exists solely because of our silent shouts, hisses and speeches.
Every hit we never threw.
Every spiteful comment held behind out teeth.
Every "I love you" that was ever hidden.

A land of voiceless screams.

One day we may not need this land.
One day we may always say what we think.
Wether because we've grown as shallow as we want to be,
                                             or as open as no one should be.
But until that day there's only this.
There's you, there's me, and there are shadows.
There's always someone to confide in.

We can always have our voiceless screams.

                      *To be edited in days or years.*