понеделник, 8 февруари 2010 г.

Broove "I'll see you again someday" ***

The sun is slowly rising.
It's cool, but not cold.
Everything is covered in snow.
Everything seems to shine.

The light is the colour it was, when we were kids - soft and golden.
It's so calm.
So quiet.
The snow gently crunches under our feet.
The fresh air fills our lungs.

We smile.
We used to smile at these mornings when we were kids too.
We don't have a care in the world.

Just a golden morning and a white, puffy road ahead of us.

*** The song is from Newgrounds' audio portal. I tried linking to it, but it seems the author has taken it down. I still have it on my MP3 player and on my PC. You can find it in one of Newgrounds' flash portal submissions. I believe it was "Colour my heart", but I'm not sure.

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