сряда, 17 февруари 2010 г.

KoЯn "Tearjerker"

The room is dark.
The only light is coming from the dimmed display of the stereo. It makes everything it somehow manages to touch seem eerie, ghostly, pale and surreal. The darkness seems to be trying to eat away all traces of this pale light.

It's Her room.
Were sitting on Her floor.
For once - you are at a loss for words.
So am I.

We somehow manage the strength to reach the stool and lean on it.
Our trembling fingers grasp the remote and point it at the stereo.
Track 14.
We somehow manage to press play, and collapse on the ground.

We want Her to hear the song.
Hear the lyrics.

We want Her to understand.
To feel, like I do.

She just sits there on the bed.

She pays no attention to the song.

There is no other sound but the stereo.
There are no other words.

You've lost the remainder of your strength.
You can't stop my tears any more.

The song ends.


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